Elliot Lee is an alternative synthpop singer-songwriter and producer based in NYC.
Her music features hard truths of life confessed over self-produced beats that range from synth to hip-hop to orchestral ballads.

Their single “Airplanes” featuring Letdown by Elliot Lee. Its all about phobias, most specifically the fear of flying. The poignant track also discusses dealing with mental health issues including anxiety and depression. “Airplanes” thrills with an infectious chorus, gritty electro pop soundscapes and an unpredictable mash up of explosive melodies. Elliot Lee has a fervent fanbase “the bubblegum army” and has amassed millions of streams and her music has been added to such high profile playlists as New Music Friday, Bedroom Pop among many others.

Featured in episode 10 of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: Airplanes

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