Hannah Robinson is a dreamgaze indie rockstar singer songwriter from Gatehead, Newcastle.

Establishing her sound back in 2020, Hannah has hypnotised us with her aura of hauntingly melancholic indie rock and infectiously relatable lyrics. Emerging her sound through the dreaminess of bands such as Beach House, Warpaint, Mazzy Star and more, she is keen to continue to surprise us with her ability to dive into her memories and share with us those vulnerable moments that embody her music.

Being freshly tipped as one of BBC Introducing’s artists to watch in 2023, the rising success of her two latest singles ‘Nineteen’, ‘Hypnotised’ and ‘When I Was High’ have made a mark on her local scene and beyond, gaining attention from BBC Introducing North East, NARC, Northern Music Collective, Amazing Radio, RGM and CLOUT magazine to name a few.

Emerging from emotions of self-doubt and frustration, Hannah injects her anger into this tightly packed indie-rock banger. Being no stranger to vulnerability within her lyrics, she dives into the mind of her former self; chasing romances that were never truly there and falling into repetitive cycles of hope and loss.

“I fell into this delusion of wanting to feel loved by someone to the point where I got completely absorbed by it. With all this anger I felt, I had to interpret it musically which is why this track perfectly captures that emotional build up I had brewing inside. ‘When I Was High’ is for those who have felt lead on, who didn’t know where they stood o r what they stood for , it’s for those who s it and question their relationships and need that honest reminder that if they wanted to, they would, and don’t settle for any less than what you deserve.”

With ballsy and brash choruses that sneak up on you, alluring verses filled with chilling whispers and dreamy psych riffs, this single is set to drift Hannah through a fresh wave of melancholic rock.

Featured on episode 15 of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: When I Was High

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