rlyblonde is an indie pop singer songwriter from Brooklyn, New York USA

The project of Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist Carina Allen – returns with “Spiltmilk,” the second single off her forthcoming debut EP.

rlyblonde is a seventeen-at-heart twenty-something living in New York City working as a photographer and creative director by day, and serving as a pop-star by night. After years of supporting other artists’ and friends’ visions through photography, video production, and creative direction, she got tired of always being behind the camera and picked up a guitar for a change.

Her debut release “Fantasy” echoes familiar themes of heartbreak, identity, and growth that can also be seen in her past self-portraiture and personal photography work. As a multi-media artist, she takes great care to oversee all aspects of her creative work, including all original songwriting, conceptualizing, producing, and directing her own music videos, and collaborating with friends to shoot her own photography and imagery.

She credits her inspirations to many iconic artists over the years, such as Liz Phair, Avril Lavigne, Marina and the Diamonds, Hayley Williams, Courtney Barnett, and more, along with various other indie artists, friends, and clients local to NYC and LA alike. She loves going to shows, kissing her friends, being in nature, and she can’t wait to share more of the “Fantasy” universe with you this year.

She elaborates on the inspiration behind her newest single: “I’ve always been quite sensitive, even though I put on a tough face most of the time. For a long period of my life I felt like I was always one parking ticket away from a mental breakdown. Plus, living in New York City is pretty relentless. Everything is expensive and you’re exhausted every day just from walking around. Writing ‘Spiltmilk’ also let me laugh at myself in a way that was really comforting. Now when I’m having a bad day, I’ll just text my friends, ‘it’s a spiltmilk type of day’ and we just get it. It’s okay to cry, but also… you’re gonna be fine.”

Spiltmilk” will also be released with a new music video, which was directed by rlyblonde herself via her new creative production company, HOT CREATIVE.

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Song: Spiltmilk

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