SMITH is an alt Pop Rock singer, songwriter, and producer based in midwest USA.

Singer/songwriter/producer SMITH is a true pop paradox: a wildly original artist who refuses to play by the rules but repeatedly turns out massive hits, serving up songs that radiate raw personality despite her enigmatic presence. A DIY-minded artist who produces all her output, she’s proven the immense appeal of her genre-bending ingenuity by simultaneously landing two hits on the charts in two different formats, with “Run” climbing the Top 40 and “Pathetic” charting at Alternative radio. Due to the smash success of her 2023 single “Lemon,” she also emerged as the first female musician since Billie Eilish in 2019 to have a song chart at Top 40, Hot AC, Rhythmic, and Alternative radio—all while making her name as a producer and earning a GRAMMY nomination for her work on Jack Harlow’s Come Home The Kids Miss You.

Originally from the Midwest, SMITH grew up immersed in music thanks to her rock-musician parents, then launched her own career in her late teens. After years of struggling against the mainstream pop machine, she stepped away from the music business but soon started self-recording for fun. After devoting nearly two years to exploring sounds, SMITH released a series of singles and quickly set off on an unstoppable rise with “Lemon.” An incredibly prolific creative force, SMITH continues to balance her time between collaborating with other artists and working on her own material, approaching all her music with absolute freedom and total devotion to her deepest impulses.

“Lobby” shows a darker side of the multifaceted artist. Just like previous tracks “Run” and “Pathetic” SMITH continues to showcase her ability to channel raw emotion into irresistibly catchy songs.

“Lobby is a cinematic song I wrote in retrospect and with a lot of hindsight. For me, it’s a vessel towards forgiving myself. As an artist, it’s simply a story I needed to tell. I guess it’s my way of immortalizing a memory. For others, it’ll probably be about sex. Either way works. The meaning lies in the heart of the listener” says SMITH about the track.

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Song: Lobby

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