Santa Ana based singer-songwriter Ali Coyle has an uncanny ability to create introspective yet relatable indie pop. Her music is best described as cinematic poems, each song taking influence from photographic memories of nature and of the human experience. From self doubt, finding your identity, achieving forgiveness and healing, Ali Coyle succeeds in crafting songs that inspire us all to ask the tough questions to reach deeper meaning.

Ali Coyle grew up as a first generation Irish American in Orange County, California. From an early age, she gravitated to music and performance, learning classical violin and then ultimately the guitar, where she found her freedom of expression.

After a life changing trip abroad to Ireland at 17, Ali connected with her roots and began to write and sing folk music in her first band. Soon later, Ali met her musical mentor and collaborator, producer Dave Tweedie, who is an intricate part of her life, and musical journey.

After moving to east Los Angeles and performing in a series of bands while living in an artist warehouse, Ali’s community was ultimately separated from each other. Feeling drained and disheartened, the singer/songwriter moved to Santa Ana where she faced an “epic existential crisis”. Channeling these intense emotions and struggles, she soon began to write and record her debut EP Songs for My Therapist.

Songs for My Therapist is a stunning blend of indie folk and rock with an infectious pop sensibility. The six-track EP is influenced by her discovery and self-acceptance behind being an openly queer woman and her intense feelings surrounding love, heartbreak and healing. The first single “Trust Me” is about “having hope, falling in love and taking a chance,” confides Ali. Featuring blissfully warm vocals, atmospheric soundscapes and mood-setting saxophone, “Trust Me” is an affectionate ode to new romance. Then there is “On My Way Again,” which is a more bluesy, roots-inspired indie pop tune all about navigating the darkest of times and coming out stronger and with heightened awareness. On “Clear Water,” Ali Coyle finds solace in existence, connecting with water as the ultimate healer. “Clear Water” was recorded primarily using my looping pedal with sounds pulled and reversed to create orchestral-like effects that made the raw and emotional vocals carry extra importance,” says the songwriter.

The EP is an enthralling debut body of work from a prolific songwriter. Songs for My Therapist tells the promising tale of an individual who was struggling to find herself, and ultimately did.

Featured in episode 8 of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: Trust Me

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