Biz Colletti is a Nashville based songwriter and artist with a style ranging from haunting electro to emotional singer songwriter. Along with influences from SYML and Billie Eilish to Natalie Hemby and Adele, collettti curates songs that cut to the core.

Also known as Elizabeth Heller, Biz Colletti has lived and worked in Nashville for 7 years. Originally from Madison, WI, Colletti moved to Nashville to attend Belmont University as a Entertainment Industry Studies major. After working in the industry, biz realized her true passion was singing and songwriting. Taking inspiration from all relationships in her life while also using her empathic nature to cultivate songs that resonate with a wide variety of people and situations. She continues to work with producers and other songwriters to release music while also writing for sync with features on shows like ABC’s Station 19 and Netflix’s Selling Sunset and more.

Featured in episode 6 of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: To The Toxic

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