Chloe & the Brainwaves are an Alternative Rock Band from Sunderland, UK 

Chloe, Alex, Michael and Lewis have been playing together since their teens. It was only a matter of time before C&TB would breathe life. Their broad influences can be heard from Radiohead to Taylor Swift to Led Zeppelin and Haim. Chloe’s haunting vocals laid upon great guitar riffs and killer melodies will compel you to put the songs on a constant loop.. You have been warned. They have just released their debut single Expensive Things.

Clever marketing strategies compel us to consume more and crave material stuff.
They get inside our heads and play upon feelings of inadequacy in our lives; our jobs, our relationships, even in the food we eat.

Expensive Things is about calling out and taking a stand against the corporations that have conditioned us into thinking and feeling this way.

Featured on episode 14 of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: Expensive Things

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