From an attic overlooking Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol, Dora Lachaise creates dark and otherworldly music. After her Danny Elfman-esque debut single Bone Collector, which was picked up by BBC Bristol and Amazing Radio USA, Lachaise dives into electronica for her second single ‘I Confess’. A guitar-based songwriter who has also fronted gothic metal bands in a past life, her recent tracks have shifted towards soundtrack ambiances and electronic avant-pop. “I’m drawn to strong melodies and interesting chords, more than to any particular genre,” she says. “I want to make things that sound different.”

The visual arts are an important inspiration. She picked her pseudonym to honour Dora Maar, a French surrealist photographer. “For a long time, she was remembered as one of Picasso’s muses,” Dora says. “But she was so much more than that – her photography was experimental and conceptual. There’s mystery; it makes you think. That’s what I’m aiming for in my music as well.”

Dora produces her music herself. “I’ve been diving into production possibilities over the past year. I love trying out instruments and effects; having control over the final sound and atmosphere of a track.”

Featured in episode 5 of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: I Confess

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