Epona is an unsigned, Alternative rock singer songwriter and actress from Brussels, Belgium.

Hailing from Belgium, epona – Epona Guillaume, 22 years old – discovered the thrill of being on stage as an actress at age 7. While still pursuing her acting career, she’s now exploring new avenues with music. Infusing her songs with a nostalgic yet refreshing sound, epona quickly established her artistic personality as she found in songwriting a way to authentically open up to her audience and address pressing issues that are close to her heart.

‘Don’t Care!’ is the third single taken from the new EP ‘Help I’m Fine!’ that sparks conversations around women’s rights, gender inequalities and harassment, all set against the backdrop of an alternative rock soundscape that echoes the vibes of the ’90s and 2000s rock era.

Epona takes a stand against harassment as she embodies a man who cheerfully dismisses the thoughts and feelings of his prey, declaring that only he matters. 

Featured on Episode 18 of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: Don’t Care!

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