Female duo who write full-hearted, unforgettable songs about real things. Piano pulsed, accordion tinged, guitar swooned songs shaped around captivating observations of the everyday (Morrissey listen up). Most remarkable is the coming together of their two voices – Chantelle Pike’s distinctive vocal (think Patsy Cline) is rife with deft melody and packed with heartbreaking turns and flourishes, while Hannah Dean sings like she’s from the same planet as Julee Cruise.
But really, there’s nothing otherworldly about this band, their songs will take you places you thought you knew and reveal this drudging, charming, and absurd life in all its finery.
Their debut album produced by and bathed in the glorious strings of Ben Mink (K.D. Lang, Feist.
Featured on episode 1 of Discover Her Music Podcast
Song: Rag & Bone