Gaby Duboisjoli is a Electro-cabaret-pop singer songwriter from London, UK

“All the presence of Villanelle with a voice and sound of 60s Rive Gauche…” Gaby Duboisjoli, a bilingual artist born in France and based in London, captivates audiences with her soulful vocals and electrifying energy on stage.

Raised by parents who were cancan soloists at the Moulin Rouge in Paris, Gaby was immersed in a world of rhythm and melody from birth. And so, at the tender age of 17, she made the leap to London, driven by her deep passion for music. An alumnus of the Songwriting and Production Masters at Tileyard, her music exudes a “wacky sensibility” weaving together elements of jazz, pop, rock, and electro into a seamless tapestry of sound.

Her expressive and playful voice sets her apart, infusing each note with raw emotion and heartfelt depth. Gaby’s songs delve into universal themes of love, sexuality, relationships with oneself, and hope against a seemingly ever-worsening world.

Through her music, she explores the intricacies of human connection, in spirit and in the flesh, and the relentless pursuit of optimism in the face of adversity.

She has released two singles independently in Tonight Was Not The One, a “tongue in cheek banger with loads of attitude” and J’veux des frissons, a bilingual, ethereal dance track which was selected for Fresh on the Net’s Eclectic picks and whose Hypnotyst remix was played on BBC Introducing Teesside.

In 2024, Help Musicians is supporting the recording and release of her first EP ‘Feel Me’, with a new release planned every 7 weeks over the Spring and Summer period.

Say Please is the first single from her upcoming EP ‘Feel Me’, supported by Help Musicians. Four songs will explore intimacy and carnal pleasures in a multi-sensorial way.

Say Please was co-produced with Tony Sage and Joe Sage (no relation). Evocative of “Portishead in thigh-high boots”, it is a throbbing, tension-building piece that will tease and titillate the listener into the most confident version of themselves, or finally give them permission to submit fully to their vulnerability. Close the curtains, light the candles and answer this: what’s the magic word?

Featured in episode 25 of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: Say Please

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