HETTICEE is an Australian Indie Pop singer/songwriter. 

Eora/Sydney based (soon to be London, UK) indie pop artist HETTICEE is back in a new era and subsequently, with new music. Despite having only released three singles to date, Hetticee has caught the attention of Triple J Hosts and artists, had airtime on both local and international airwaves, landed a number of written and on-air interviews and featured on multiple curated playlists.

Hetticee’s music is self-aware, lush, and gutsy and her range of emotions, unique perspectives and glistening vocals is integral to what makes her so memorable. From her heartfelt ballads to her unadulterated pure disco-pop bops, Hetticee is a clear powerhouse in the Aussie music scene, determined to emerge as a unique voice of this generation. Hetticee has a number of single releases coming out over the next few months – leading to her debut album release in April 2024.

‘All The Same’ is a classic disco bop, in which Hetticee comments on her boredom with fast trends, herd mentality and lack of individuality within today’s society. Claiming that they’re “all the same – don’t you know it’s already over? struggle to change – I know who you are, don’t talk to me” she directly states the disinterest she has in those who stay in their comfort zones and avoid personal growth. Hetticee is done with routine clichés and hearing the same stories over and over again. She wants new, she wants unique and she wants to sing it whilst accompanied by glistening disco strings.

Featured on Episode 20 of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: All The Same

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