JoBee Project is a Polish-Belgian alt electro-pop artist based in Belgium, Brussels .

Fierce, fiery and flavourful singer JoBee Project turns up the heat with alternative-pop electronica music and her powerful vocals. Born in Lubartow, a small town in eastern Poland, she started her music career as a leader of a punk group touring festivals from age of 15 in Lubelskie region, heavily influenced by Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins as well as iconic Polish jazz and pop- rock singers. Her career took a turn in 2008 when invited to perform live in Belgium on live radio FM Brussels, it all got bigger and JoBee spread her wings internationally, making a career in Belgium.

She released her first jazz album ‘The Falling’ in 2011 on Laid Back Label, followed by stunning success and international tours in Germany, London, Paris, Poland, the Netherlands as well as the United States. These tours were followed by numerous festival awards in Poland, sharing stages with legends in jazz and hip hop such as Princess Nokia, Tokimonsta, Yarah Bravo, Lefto, OSTR, SOKOL, FISZ EMADE (PL) and Pumpkin to name a few. Her second album came out in 2016 via Polish label Agora, followed by more concerts, festivals and TV shows in Poland. Her third album ‘The Beginning’ is due for release within the next few months, and will be accompanied by release shows and tours through Belgium, The Netherlands and Poland.

Showcasing versatility as she embraces a variety of melodies and rhythms with her no-nonsense attitude, with an inherent passion for music, JoBee is excited to build a new chapter of sounds with the release of her forthcoming records. JoBee is set to turn heads and showcase her raw talent and high energy on stage and off. JoBee Project produces her own weekly live radioshow for What is Hip Radio in Brussels promoting new Polish artists abroad, as well as being the director and founder of Sing With JoBee Music Academy where she coaches voice talents.

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Song: Between the lines

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