For London based musician Nyoh, singing and song writing became a part of daily life very early. At a young age she recalls sitting in a hospital bed, with nothing but a tape recorder, a microphone and a broken femur, singing and singing. Finally the nurses wheeled her out into the corridor, as the other patients wanted to hear more clearly. Her flame for music and performance ignited there… And it’s been burning ever since.

As she grew, she kept singing to more and more people. She began releasing EPs at age fourteen, ‘Ny Oh’ (2014), ‘Lovely and Honest’ (2016), ‘Georgia’ & ‘Without’ (2018). By the time she was 18, she had moved to London and toured all over the UK & EU. She opened for Jonathan Wilson on his USA tour (2018) – and also played in his band. She has traveled around the world with a backpack and guitar, singing: doing her best to make people feel beautiful while fully experiencing what life brings them.

Currently, Ny Oh is a full-time member of Harry Styles band and also fronts for the London jazz-infused alt pop band, Neon Gru.

2020 has seen Ny Oh’s upcoming track ‘The Garden Of Eden’ featured in Drake Doremus’ new film Endings, Beginnings. She is currently successfully navigating the mental landscape of collective anxiety in these uncertain times, working on new music, and plotting ways to influence the music industry to become more balanced, inclusive, and GROOVY.

Featured on episode 2 of Discover Her Music

Song: Georgia

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