Rosalie James is a multi-instrumentalist and Indie Rock singer-songwriter from Cornwall, UK.

She grew up learning piano and guitar, listening to The Beatles and The Bangles on her Sony Walkman, weeping over the drama of 80s synth-pop and new wave, obsessing about the lyrics of 90s indie artists and drawing inspiration from anyone who could write a good song.

Rosalie has experienced sensory sensitivities and difficulty managing emotions and social interaction since she was 9. She is autistic and has been treated for severe depression, anxiety and substance use issues. After two degrees and ten years working as a Social Worker, Rosalie has returned to her creative roots. Her desire to change the world remains, using music to raise awareness and reduce stigma within neurodiversity, domestic abuse, addiction and mental health.

Rosalie’s music is expected to appeal equally to fans of classic songwriters (Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, Fleetwood Mac) and progressive indie artists (Elliot Smith, Sharon Van Etten, Mitski, boygenius, The National). She has a broad reach, with brutally honest and striking lyrics, catchy tunes, a dreamy voice, and a slightly chaotic stage presence.

Rosalie’s forthcoming album features Jorge Balbi (Sharon Van Etten), Storefront Church, Steve Jackson (Elkie Brooks), Garett Lang (Lisa Loeb) and Jason Abraham Roberts (Norah Jones). Her song Soft Target was a Winner in the International Songwriting Competition (Unpublished Category).

“Soft Target is for the generations of women who weren’t diagnosed as neurodivergent until adulthood because they just seemed A Lot. It’s for the ‘over-sensitive drama queens,’ who attracted people that liked us a little crazy and vulnerable but had nothing to give us. I’m still awkward and difficult and scared of balloons. I lost a career and I’m full of chemicals. But I’m not alone. We’re not alone.” “Soft Target” is off of her forthcoming album Full of Chemicals which was produced by Daniel Knowles (Sharon Van Etten) and details her own struggles with neurodiversity, addiction and mental health.

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Song: Soft Target

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