Saphron is a British Sri Lankan singer songwriter from Northampton, UK.

After working as a succesful songwriter for other artists and clocking up over 20 million Spotify streams, Saphron is now venturing out as a solo artist as well. She has a very electic sound amd likes to mix pop, trap and rock, and enjoys using harmonies and layers to create a full sound that evokes and taps into all your emotions.

In an era where consent has become an essential topic of discussion, Saphron and Bekah have joined forces to create an empowering anthem that encourages listeners to reflect on their perceptions of consent and take control of their own narratives.

Following the allegations of rape, sexual assault, and emotional abuse against comedian Russell Brand, ‘Consent’ sparks conversations and encourages self-reflection, challenging societal norms and shedding light on the importance of consent in all aspects of life. Featuring up-and-coming rapper Bekah, the song is a revolutionary fusion of trap, rock, and rap genres that delves deep into this crucial subject.

“The release of our track comes at a time when the issue of consent is front and centre but even without recent allegations coming to light, this is a hugely important topic. Having worked in the music industry for over a decade, I’ve spoken to many other artists about consent and how boundaries can be crossed.

“Bekah and I wanted to create a song that not only entertained but also sparked important conversations. Consent is something we should all be talking about, and we hope this song encourages people to reflect on their own experiences and beliefs.”

The collaboration between Saphron and Bekah is a perfect blend of their unique styles, seamlessly merging genres to create a one-of-a-kind sound that captures the listener’s attention from the very first note. The music is raw, emotional, and thought-provoking, with lyrics that cut to the core of the issue.

Rapper, Bekah says:

“‘Consent’ is a song that encourages individuals to reclaim their power and find their voice. It’s a declaration that everyone deserves to be heard, and their boundaries should be respected without question.

“The track is not only a powerful piece of music but also a call to action, reminding us that consent is a fundamental right that must be respected and upheld.”

With a powerful message, a unique blend of musical genres, and the vocal prowess of Saphron and Bekah, ‘Consent’ promises to be a standout release in 2023. Saphron will be performing ‘Consent’ and other tracks from her debut EP on 26th October at the Roadmender where she’ll be supporting Maddox Jones.

Featured on Episode 18 of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: Consent (featuring Bekah)

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