SBR Bone and Star is a Dreamy Dark Future Pop artist from Liverpool UK.

SBR’s the name, ‘Hyper neo-stalgia’s the game. Sam, (Aka SBR bone and star) is a time traveller bursting into 2022. SBR is beat heavy, drenched in dreamy synths, haunting vocals and affirmational vibes.

A powerful yet tentative trip, influenced by the likes of Massive Attack, Cocteau Twins, Grace Jones, Prince, Annie Lennox, DJ Shadow, Big black Delta.

SBR wants to transport your soul back to iconic moments in music history. Combining ultra awareness of nostalgia with a crunching futuristic edge. Laced with relatable themes that will catch you right in the feels.

Sam was born into the music world, her mother was a singer and her father was a sound engineer. She has been collaborating and providing session vocals for many projects over the years, at ‘Parr street’, ‘Doon the cellar’ and various private studios around the UK. Often working with esteemed musicians on her own work.

Over the last 20 years she has worked with many UK producers on projects, Garry Pollitt, John Kennedy, Ashley Walsh, Christopher Hughes, and now UK legend Stephan Cole.

Sam has also enjoyed singing alongside some of Merseyside’s most beloved Icons, The Merseycats, Hello Felix, The big easy Jazz band and many more class characters that would simply take too long to list. Merseyside is a veritable treasure trove of talent.

Sams’ tattoo career has dominated her life for the last two decades, but she feels like her music simply cannot stay bottled up inside any longer.

It’s time for SBR bone and star.

Featured in episode 8 of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: Get Happy

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