Sophia Petro is a Country/Pop songstres hailing from Melbourne, Australia. 

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Taylor Swift, Maisie Peters and Gretta Ray, Sophia’s raw and honest lyricism depicts her life experiences, divulging her romantic and platonic relationships. Her writing encapsulates aspects of folk and country with a modern pop-infused twist. Her songs feature layers of lush backing vocals, soft dream-like production, and layers of guitar driving the rhythm section.

At just 11 years old, Sophia began writing songs with an honest and open heart. She was shortlisted in the International Songwriting Competition and placed 2nd in the Australian Songwriters Association Annual Contest. Sophia’s debut single Memory of You surpassed all expectations, premiering on Scenestr and receiving glowing write ups in Couch Mag and Iggy Magazine. Triple J’s Dave Ruby Howe described the single as having a ‘warm [and] affecting feel’. Similarly, Sophia’s sophomore single Leave landed with a splash, premiering on The Partae and being referred to as ‘indie pop magic full of endearing storytelling’ by Triple J’s Claire Mooney. Leave and Memory of You have been played on numerous radio stations around the world, including WLOZ Radio Show (Australia, UK, the USA, Canada and Italy), Pulse 89.9 FM and across community radio stations.

Sophia is solidifying herself as one-to-watch in the Australian music industry. Now, Sophia Petro announces her debut EP, The 11th Hour, dropping
alongside single, Rosé Glow on the 21st of July.

As a prelude to her upcoming EP, ‘The 11th Hour’, rising Australian pop artist, Sophia Petro releases her eagerly awaited single, ‘Rosé Glow’, bursting with mesmerising, catchy melodies and relatable storytelling lyricism, set for release on Friday, 21st July 2023.

The heart and soul of ‘Rosé Glow’ lie in its compelling narrative. Sophia Petro paints a vivid picture of the exhilarating experience of getting ready for a night out with friends. As the chorus unfolds, she delves into the secret yearnings for a deeper connection with someone who captures her heart amidst the bustling energy of a social gathering. The song encapsulates those fleeting moments when the “rosé glow” casts an enchanting spell, blurring the lines between reality and possibility.

Produced and mixed by Gabrielle Emery (EMEREE) and mastered by Darren Ziesing, the creative process behind ‘Rosé Glow’ was a collaborative effort between Sophia Petro and producer Gabrielle Emery. Together, they crafted a vibrant and catchy pop anthem that embodies the joy and anticipation of a night out. Sophia states “Gabrielle put down a vibe (the iconic guitar lick at the beginning of the track) and I pulled up my notes app on my phone and started writing down lyric ideas. We wrote up until the end of the first chorus and then I took it home and wrote the remainder of the song that very night because I was so inspired!”

Melbourne, Australian artist, Sophia Petro’s musical style can be described as a fusion of folk and country with a modern pop-infused twist. Drawing inspiration from icons like Taylor Swift, Maisie Peters, and Gretta Ray, Sophia Petro uses her songwriting prowess to express her own emotions and experiences, connecting deeply with her audience through her relatable storytelling.

As an artist, Sophia Petro’s journey has been shaped by her love for writing and storytelling. From an early age, she found solace in songwriting, using music to process and express her emotions. Influenced by her father, a musician, and her mother, a talented writer, Sophia Petro’s artistic path was destined to intertwine with her passion for creating evocative and heartfelt music.

Beyond her musical inspirations, Sophia Petro finds inspiration in the simple joys of life. From walks in nature to good times with friends and family, she cherishes the moments that bring a sense of happiness and connection. Guided by her Greek heritage and a deep love of music, Sophia Petro’s music reflects her desire to create an intimate bond with her listeners, offering them a friend and confidant through her songs.

As she prepares for the release of “Rosé Glow” and her upcoming EP, ‘The 11th Hour’, Sophia Petro invites her audience to join her on this journey of self-expression, vulnerability, and musical exploration. Stay tuned for more exciting news and releases from this talented pop artist.

Featured on episode 15 of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: Rosé Glow

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