Tolü Makay is a Nigerian-Irish singer & songwriter.

Moving from Nigeria to Ireland at the age of five, Tolü found solace in music as a young girl navigating life in a new country. Music was a way for her to make sense of her emotions, discover her identity, and connect with a wider community. She began singing in church at the age of 8, which led her to enter and subsequently win a national gospel singing competition as a teen.

Tolü strives to create songs that will forever inspire, heal and touch generations to come as she encounters and shares the challenges she faces and growth she experiences in her own life. One of her earliest singles, “Goodbye,” became anthemic across the UK and Ireland, amassing over 2 million streams and counting. With her subsequent singles, she has continued to capture the hearts of listeners everywhere, cementing herself as a strong voice for Black women and artists.

Her first single of 2024, “Mind & Body,” kicks off what is sure to be an exciting year of new music and new experiences for Tolü. On March 1st, she made her debut on RTÉ One’s The Late Late Show, one of the world’s longest running late-night shows. 

On “Mind & Body,” Tolü’s strong, soulful vocals take center stage, elevated by a lush bed of ethereal production. Speaking on the poignant message behind the song, she says,

“’Mind & Body’ explores the anxiety we feel when our body is numb to the moment while our mind is drowning in senses, screaming for us to be present in the here and now. It’s about allowing ourselves to breathe, about taking care of our bodies, about being present even when everything is moving so rapidly. In this cultural moment we are so concerned and cornered by our thoughts, our appearance, our voices and narratives that we tell ourselves. It is so hard to simply just be. ‘Mind & Body’ is a reminder to be present. To come together. Not just with yourself, but with each other. In Mind and Body.”

Featured in episode 23 of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: Mind & Body

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