Trust Nobody is an alternative duo hailing from South Florida, consisting of artist and rapper Aster the GEMini and singer/songwriter Rayan.

With a passion for raw, unapologetic sound, they began making music together in 2022. Their unique sound is a blend of punk, R&B, hip-hop, and pop, creating a new and exciting sound that is all their own. Their lyrics explore themes of disillusionment, rebellion, pain, and feelings we all know too well.

As they continue to push boundaries and explore new sounds, the band is just getting started, but they’re already making waves in the underground Miami scene. Keep an eye out and trust nobody.

Blood! is an anthemic banger about rage, release, and freedom. This track inspired our iconic “babys first moshpit” tees.

Featured in episode 23  of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: Blood!

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