North London native, singer-songwriter Zoe Maia’s ethereal style is a welcome beacon of light shining through the dense foliage of traditional pop music. Lying somewhere beyond the threshold of acoustic pop, her genre-fluid sound is laced with inflections of folk, country and soulful blues.

Raised on a concoction of jazz, soul and world music, these influences trickle through in her soulful, smooth tone and moving melodic refrains. Zoe’s striking tonal versatility makes her an astoundingly accomplished vocalist and songwriter at her young age: at turns soothing then piercing, she displays an honest conviction and artistic maturity that is rare.

What’s more, with her debut EP “Life”, released in 2019, Zoe unveiled her fluency in cathartic lyricism, something honed since age 9, when she first began penning lyrics to guitar melodies. Indelibly influenced by a childhood spent in the natural landscapes of Australia, it’s clear to see where she draws inspiration for her crafting of immersive dreamscapes.

Pitching herself in the tradition of the great women of guitar music, her sound is enriched by evocations of spiritual songstress Stevie Nicks, Joni Mitchell’s brutally heartfelt delivery and the pop-ballad vulnerability of Taylor Swift.

With an eye for authenticity and a keen ear for invoking music that is meaningful and uplifting, it’s clear Zoe’s hope is to captivate her audience in a way that inspires them to freely express their truth.

Featured on episode 17 of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: Even If

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