Animal Prince are an art-pop duo based in The Oakland California, USA.

Animal Prince is an art-pop project from singer-violinist Fae Nageon de Lestang and percussionist Grant McLeod. Fae’s vocals are a captivating instrument, drawing the listener into a landscape that’s playful yet polished, soulful but never self-serious, layered with string arrangements, synth grooves, hooks, harmonies and the occasional actual birdsong. Borrowing from bossa nova, indie folk, yacht rock and chamber pop, Animal Prince would be at home on a mix with Feist, Emily King, or Pet Sounds, but the sound is uniquely their own: tender, danceable and delightfully feral.

Impossible is the second single from our upcoming record “Have Good Dreams” ft. Hunter Diamond on sax and winds

Featured on episode 24 of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: Impossible

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