Cloe Wilder is an indie pop singer songwriter from Clearwater,Florida, USA. She is quickly establishing herself as a singer/songwriter to watch, curating personal lyricism that feels incredibly relatable.

It’s safe to say that not many 16-year-olds find themselves spending most of their time writing and recording a sophomore EP. Cloe Wilder is that rarest of exceptions, however, whose youngest years revolved not around soccer practice or trips to the mall with friends, but instead learning the great classical works on piano, and attending weekly recitals.

More inspired by Lana Del Rey than Mozart, she attended her first writing camp at the tender age of 12, and immediately after, “couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”
 Yet it was later when she was introduced to songwriter/producer Sam Nicolosi, that her destiny seemed ready to be truly fulfilled. They formed a writing partnership that resulted in her 2021 debut EP, the fittingly titled Teenage Lullabies. The captivating single “In the Next Life”, especially, exhibited a talent well beyond her years.

They have continued to work together including on Cloe’s latest single, “House by the Water,” which is almost gossamer in its delicate, fragile beauty. Here, Cloe’s voice is particularly rife with wistful nostalgia, as she tries to make sense of the sort of uncertainty that comes with reaching teenage hood, and having to accept leaving behind one’s childhood forever. It’s a song that she feels very much defines a new sonic and emotional direction for her. It’s a piercing paean to the carefree days of youth that we all must ultimately let go of – yet there is also a distinct hopefulness to it, as well.

Featured in episode 12 of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: One Step Closer

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