Becca James is a London based spiritual alt-pop singer songwriter.

Following the success of her Netflix placement ‘Can’t Stop my Shine’ with LA-based producer Soulplusmind on Wellmania staring Celeste Barber, and her latest release alt-pop power-bops ‘Innocent Days’, and ‘One’, she is now gearing up for the release of her EP ‘Trust the Season’. The EP is due for release on the 29th of September.

‘Trust the Season’ is a three-track collection released by alt-pop songstress Becca James. Taking spirituality as its central theme, the first single ‘One’ was a protest song about non-duality consciousness and the connections between nature, people and the cosmos. The second track, ‘Beauty’, is a sensuous dance track that celebrates the beauty and the joy in the everyday on the way to getting to where you need to be. The final track, ‘Hold You Close’, is a soulful layered, organic track about finding divine support, the nectar we all need to get through difficult times.

The music reflects the early part of James’ development when she was based in Newcastle and embodies totally the sentiment of its title, to trust and honour every stage of development and season. The work is the prelude to James’ most accomplished work, a trauma healing EP/LP project, ‘God in Chains’ due for release in 2024.

“‘Trust the Season’ is a collection of songs from my early journey in creating music. I went through many mental, emotional and physical roadblocks to having a music career through chronic illness and difficulties in my personal life. These songs are not intended to be an EP, but rather a timeline of this creation process in the chaos and they reflect early experimentation in my sound. I didn’t have the confidence to call myself a writer then, and there was so much grief and pressure in my personal life, but I held onto trying. Just having a go.

And the title of the collection is all about trusting that process of development. I am a very different person from who I was when I was making those songs. They are not me in the present, as I feel I have developed so much since they were created, but I have to honour and love my younger self as uncomfortable as looking back makes me feel. There’s time to develop, create and harvest. I truly didn’t know the depths of what life had to offer back then, but the message applies at any time of life: Trust the Season.”

Newly based in London, James is establishing herself as a diverse songwriter, vocalist and artist. Besides her previously mentioned Netflix-placement, James has collaborated with the Geo Gospel Choir at Abbey Road Studios for their house remakes of classic songs. Her artist project has been released across the full moons of 2023, harnessing this powerful astrological energy to reflect the healing themes of the music. Her first single of the year, ‘Innocent Days’ and the opening single of Trust the Season, ‘One’ has received key support from Amazing Radio, CLOUT, Lefuturewave and Unrecorded to name a few.

On the 18th of November Becca James will be performing at Troxy in London during the Global Youth Awards!

Featured on episode 15 of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: Beauty

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