GRAIVE is an Independant, Pop/Alt singer songwriter/producer from Los Angeles,  United States.

Emerging from Ocala, Florida, and now causing a stir in Los Angeles’s music scene, GRAIVE’s narrative is as captivating as her melodies. Initially embracing the industry as a producer, her swift transition to a singer-songwriter has already created substantial pre-release buzz.

Adding to her burgeoning success, GRAIVE’s enchanting debut, “I Can’t Stop,” led to her immediate signing with CMG, signaling a bright future. Her music, rich with raw emotion and personal tales, resonates especially with those navigating life’s challenges. But beyond mere melody, GRAIVE seeks connection and unity, hoping to build a world where emotions meld into harmonies and collective experiences offer solace.

In a raw outpouring of emotion, Graive unveils her latest single “Falling to Pieces”, a poignant reflection on heartbreak and the solitary path to recovery. Within a single, fervent five-hour session, Graive and her collaborator Josh delved deep to produce a piece that is not just personal, but universally relatable.

Amidst the turmoil of one of her most challenging breakups, Graive found solace in songwriting, “I felt so alone, and this song became a vessel for the turmoil I was experiencing.” “Falling to Pieces” is an honest exploration of the facade that one maintains post-breakup – the societal expectation to swiftly recover and the internal reality of persistent sorrow.

The single speaks to the silent pressure to mend quickly from heartache, contrasting with the extended reality of healing. GRAIVE articulates, “The song is a conversation about the uncomfortable rush to heal.” It offers comfort to those lingering in sadness long after parting ways, serving as a reminder that the journey of recovery is unique to each individual. “Falling to Pieces” is not merely a song; it is an affirmation that healing requires time and space. Through her music, Graive reaches out to those navigating the tough road of healing, affirming, “I relate to you.”

Featured in episode 22 of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: Falling to Pieces

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