Jordan Phillips is a Scottish vocalist and songwriter who combines an instinctual focus on lyrical content with subtle textural moments, and an intense vocal vulnerability. Her work typically draws influence from indie and folk genres, and artists such as Julia Jacklin, The Cranberries, Boygenius and Rachel Sermanni.

In the two years since her debut single Something Otherworldly, Phillips has honed her craft, with acoustic demos brought to life with friends and collaborators Conal Mooney & Finlay Mowat – both sought after instrumentalists, producers, and engineers in the Edinburgh music circuit.

Jordan has just released her 5 track EP Long Way Home.  Long Way Home lays all bare: destruction of relationships around you, a quiet nature being both exploited and celebrated, and the idea of your home comforts losing their appeal. Themes of comfort, loss and shy optimism run throughout.

Jordan said: “The writing on Long Way Home comes from a personal place but at the heart of it, I think, is recognising who lifts you up and makes you feel seen, especially when you are dealing with disorder. Making art with my friends and having creative autonomy is a result of finding this foundation.”

Conal Mooney said: “The product speaks for itself but also stands as a reminder of the passion and emotion that comes from making art, particularly when it’s a shared experience. Finlay and I have Jordan to thank for that – trusting us and allowing us in, to work together as a whole. It was real, it was joyous, it was all of us.”

Finlay Mowat said: “My favourite part of the process was that every time that we met to record, it unintentionally but very naturally transpired that we would spend time eating together. This felt totally normal and I think it reflects that this project was written from a strong foundation of friendship and understanding of each other. We didn’t rush into a tight deadline, but took time to establish a tone for the project. As a result, the songs came together naturally in a space where there were no egos or insecurities, but genuine care.”

Featured on Episode 19 of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: Losing

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