Based in London, I.M the artist is a singer-songwriter & creative from Gothenburg, Sweden.

Influenced by alternative RnB and lyrical hiphop, her music is rooted in storytelling, raw vocal melodies and experimental sounds. She blurs the lines between genres and unapologetically exists within her own lane. Her love of film often meets her love of music, as she works to create projects that resonate with her listeners not only audibly, but emotionally and visually.

“Tokyo” is a track inspired by her favourite classic action/heist movies. It’s a story that’s told from the perspective of somebody who feels unsatisfied with life. As a destination, Tokyo symbolises (financial) freedom and dream chasing. The title also doubles up as a reference to ‘Tokio’ – one of the main characters in the Spanish heist series “La Casa De Papel.”

Featured in episode 9 of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: Tokyo

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