Jordi’s never shied away from the spotlight. Growing up in Myrtle Beach, the multifaceted 20-year-old spent her youth writing songs in her room, dancing in a studio, and performing on stages across South Carolina. Songwriting and performing has always been a passion and life goal for Jordi. After joining TikTok in its early stages in 2018, her short-form comedy videos earned her a dedicated fanbase but it wasn’t until she shared a few cover songs in 2019, that Jordi was welcomed into music – now in the public eye – with an overwhelmingly positive response. Her compelling vocals and other creative endeavors have drawn over 15 million followers across social platforms and have brought her to stages across the country.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Sabrina Carpenter and Olivia Rodrigo, Jordi shares a deep passion for lyric-driven storytelling. The artist’s musical style spans light-hearted pop melodies to emotionally driven ballads and her artistic delivery is ever changing. Having grown with her followers over four years, Jordi speaks to the understated commonalities and interests of her generation like romance, heartbreak, and adventure – and her fans are listening.

Just a Friend” is a great taste of Jordi’s pop sensibilities, while still leaning into her vocal and song-writing skills. The vocal and production components in this track convey a timeless feel—appealing to all audiences, Jordi uses her relatable lyrics and digital ambient noises to create a fun, authentic track.

Featured on episode 17 of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: Just A Friend

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