SpaceAcre are an independent Dreamlike Indie Rock Band from Leighton Buzzard, UK – consisting of Phoebe Little and Jas Scott.

SpaceAcre’s formation was something of a happy accident. The two met after Phoebe was introduced to Jas while working on another musical project. There was an instant chemistry and they fell into writing songs together, a partnership that led them to a songwriting camp in Normandy, France. “While we were there we worked in a completely different way,” Phoebe recalls. “We came out with this new sound and it didn’t feel like the project we were meant to be writing for at all.”

In the middle of the channel, on the ferry journey back to the UK, Phoebe made a brave proposal – asking Jas if she wanted to start a new band together. Though the anxious voice inside Jas’ head was screaming “no”, she surprised herself by saying “yes” out loud. And so SpaceAcre was born.

SpaceAcre makes music that is so boundless and evocative that it’ll leave you crying on the train as you stare out of the window, transported into the lead role of your own tragic melodrama. You’re in slow motion, hair blowing in the breeze, moving towards a shadowy destination with a sense of longing, on the edge an elaborate subplot that’s unraveling itself in the mist.

Featured in episode 24 of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: That Girl

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