Liza Finn is an Essex-based singer/songwriter from the UK.

She has a beautiful way of connecting with the core of her listeners’ emotions. Having written songs and poetry from an early age, Finn’s emotive lyrics and empowering melodies expose a truly sensitive artist whose angelic vocals have the power to provoke a profound response.

Finn’s pure approach to song writing, makes her sound and vocal style memorable, no sooner have you heard the hook to one of her songs you find yourself singing it for the rest of the day.  A multi- talented artist, Finn writes music, novels and runs various creative businesses. “I like my fingers in various pies. I don’t like to stop still. Being busy and creative is when I’m happiest.”

Likened to Karen Carpenter and Eva Cassidy, Finn’s voice is sultry with unique tonal qualities, with her lyrics reminiscent of Suzanne Vega (one of her idols) playful, whimsical but cutting.

“How come what’s bad always feel so good? Can’t seem to break away, from all the signs that tell me I should go. That’s love for you it’s stronger than me.” Finn enjoys exploring themes of dark and light in her songs.

“Music can pull you out of your darkest thoughts. All my songs have the theme of hope at their core. I’ve struggled with my mental health over the years so I want to share a message that there is light in life and that my music can be a place for you to find it.”

Finn’s childhood was anything but conventional, while her teenage friends were tucked up in bed, Finn was performing at dinner parties to her parents’ colourful and collective political, thespian and artist friends. “I was lucky that I grew up with parents who valued the arts.” “If they hadn’t, I don’t know where I would have ended up. I struggled at school because I am dyslexic and spent all my free time singing, writing, and collaborating with other musicians. It was a space I felt I could be myself and feel accepted. It gave me self-worth. And I soon found that if I worked hard at it, the results came quick and for the first time I felt good about myself.”

Finn’s voice still holds the clarity and control she adopted from her time spent studying classical performance at university. After a brief stint as a classical singer after graduating, the lure of writing her own music soon had her performing on the London gig scene supporting acts such as Scouting for Girls, Steve Craddock (Ocean Colour Scene), Aziz Ibrahim (Simply Red, Stone Roses) and Finley Quaye (MOBO and BRIT Award Winner).

Leave a light On

I wrote it during one of our national lockdowns during the pandemic in 2020. I was inspired by a folk story in which a lantern is placed in a window and kept alight day and night to guide loved ones home. All my songs have hope as the core theme.

An acoustic anthem for the lonely and lost. “LALO is about hope, love and acceptance as the lyrics show, I’ll leave a light on for you, no matter what the time.”

Finn was inspired by a folk story in which a lantern is placed in a window and kept alight day and night to guide loved ones home.

Featured in episode 11 of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: Leave a Light On

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