Stephanie Babirak is a Independant, Harpist, Indie Folk/Rock singer songwriter based in New York City, USA.

Stephanie Babirak is a classical harpist based in New York City. Lauded as “seraphic” and “a lovely harpist” by the Huffington Post, she is best known for her contemporary approach to the harp. She has performed with pop acts like Adele, Phoebe Bridgers, and Sandra Day, and her performances have been featured in the 2018 Super Bowl commercial for Hyundai Genesis and on NBC’s “Mr. Robot.” She has toured nationally and internationally, playing venues ranging in size and prestige from debuting works at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, to a sound bath in a Brooklyn salt cave. Her newest endeavor is writing original music that features the harp and her mission is to create music that makes the instrument relevant and accessible to all audiences.

Waves and Whispers started off as a little melody on the harp and turned into a song about about the pain, loss, and grief of missing someone. It was written during a period when I was going no-contact with someone I loved very much but chose to not have in my life anymore. I was thinking of this person all of the time and learned that going “no contact” isn’t a choice that you make once- you have to make it again and again and again every time you think of them.

Featured on episode 25 of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: Waves and Whispers

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