Tarah Who? are an Independant Rock Duo

This duo is the powerhouse team of Tarah Carpenter and Coralie Herve. LA based by way of France, they are today’s answer to the alt/punk rock of the 1990’s. They draw their inspiration from their life experiences, allowing audiences to connect on a human level. They are bold, they are powerful, they are Tarah Who?.

The #MeToo movement has awakened the anger with both the atrocities committed against women and everyday gender inequalities systematic of society. Tarah Who? ‘s frustration detonates with ‘Supposedly A Man’ as they take real-life snapshots of men who demand respect but do nothing to earn it. Too often, the extremely low bar for behavior or “boys will be boys” creates a society where violence, or verbal abuse against women and societal injustice are the status quo.

Featured in episode 8 of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: Supposedly a Man

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