Braska is an Independant, R&B/Rap singer songwriter from La  Spezia, Liguria, Italy.

Giulia Cerasoli, known by the stage name of Braska, was born in La Spezia in 1998, harboring a deep passion for music from a young age, particularly immersing herself in genres like Soul, Blues and Hip-Hop.

She started taking singing and guitar lessons at the age of 12 in Sonic Art Music Academy with her teachers Paola Lauria and Diego Colletta. After a couple months she starts treading on the first stages of her musical career, starting from small venues in her hometown and minor festivals taking place in the region.

For several years, Braska showcased her musical talents at small festivals and competitions within the local Italian scene. Notably, she graced more prestigious stages, including the renowned Alcatraz in Milan for the Clap & Win contest with a rock band she participated in as solo singer for 2 years. Still wanting to pursue her love towards black music, Braska also joined a local gospel choir from La Spezia, called Over The Rainbow, where she covered most of the solo vocal roles. This brief journey in gospel music will last until 2017.

In her teenage years Braska delved into songwriting, achieving recognition by winning the semi-final of the Premio Lunezia in 2017 and in 2021. This is one of the most important competitions for songwriters in Italy. Her musical journey took a significant turn in 2020 with the release of her debut single, “Fez.” The following release will be in 2021, “Cori”. This is an important track for Braska who gained recognition in her native land since it is dedicated to her hometown football club, Spezia Calcio. The clip was shot in Stadio Alberto Picco, where the song will echo between the first and second half of the game. After this release she initiated a collaboration with her current producer and manager, Massimo Salone, mostly known as LoZar, based in Genoa. They start experimenting different genres with the intent of creating the perfect combination between rap lyrics and Braska’s soulful voice.

The next step will be gracing stages in the local scene, marking the beginning of an independent recording journey for Braska who starts experiencing remarkable stages like the Good Kids Festival (in Genoa) opening act for Inoki Ness, one of the names that made history in Italian hip-hop. She also performed for Genova Hip-Hop Festival, Zena Sound Night, Corazon Festival and for a Spring female gig, “Primavere”, at Giardini Luzzati.

In 2023 Braska released an EP called “On The Road” which pays homage to Jack Kerouac’s renowned novel and basically represents her coast-to-coast journey in music, related to overseas sound that massively inspired her when she started making music, but still keeping the life-lasting connection to her beloved native land, Liguria. Recalling the EP, Braska and LoZar have really been “On the Road”, flying to Paris for a new collaboration with the French videomaker Gamefrench who shot the official clip of the song “Tu mi hai visto così”, extract single from the album.The international videoclip represents the start of a wider project involving Braska to overcome Italian borders very soon.

Recently her songs have been broadcast by French radios like Meet FM Dunkerque, Punch Radio FR, Radio Happy Days, Radio d’Artagnan and RCB Radio. In 2023 she also embraced different collaborations with Italian rappers Falco and ComaNoGang and the Genoese DJ and producer DJ Kamo for the tracks “Notti giù” and “Bloccata”, included in her EP “On the road”.

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