Manchester based Tay Temple is an alternative folk-rock band, who actively promote self-confidence and self-belief to empower others. Tay is no stranger when it comes to taboo subjects, her second single ‘Ladybird’ depicts how a women’s value is determined by the cruel beauty standards within society. Tay has an emotional, dynamic, yet a powerful voice, which can be heard in every song.

Partnered with the band, who bring each song to life with their vibrant instrumentation, Tay’s lyrics are fuelled by her personal struggles, experience of relationships and social consciousness.Tay and her band have gained recognition in Manchester, Liverpool and the North-East. The four piece have received continued support from BBC Introducing Tees

Painfully Aware is a dynamic debut 6 track EP with a consistent narrative throughout. Painfully Aware captures Tay’s outlook and consciousness of everything going on around her; from societal issues to personal relationships.

Forbidden – The final single from the EP showcases Tay’s internal struggle with self control. As the title suggests, we are all tempted by things in life that are quote on quote Forbidden but yet that makes it far more desirable.

Featured in episode 9 of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: Forbidden

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