Brookelyn Rose is an Independant, Country/ Pop / Rock, singer songwriter from Philadelphia, USA.

Brookelyn Rose is a singer/songwriter and a force in the music industry. Pulling from her own experiences, Brookelyn’s music breaks genre boundaries by mixing pop/rock sounds with country influence to create music that is powerful, honest and energetic. She writes hard hitting melodies with deep, meaningful lyrics that her fans can relate to. Brookelyn rocks the stage with heavy guitar solos, high energy and commanding vocals. She makes a sincere connection with everyone in the audience and leaves them wanting more. Brookelyn is a true performer and seeing a Brookelyn Rose show is an unforgettable experience.

Sour Candy dives into the complexities of the feminine spirit; How we balance the softness and “the beast” within us.

Featured in episode 23 of Discover Her Music Podcast.

Song: Sour Candy

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