Jasmine Thomas is an Alternative R&B singer songwriter from Berlin, Germany.

Hailing from one of the most exciting capitols in the world Jasmine Thomas is just as vibrant as her hometown Berlin. She puts her energy into her singing, songwriting, performing, arranging and producing and never gets tired of learning new things. In her music she explores the diversity of her hometown Berlin by delving into the different styles that have surrounded her all her life, firmly grounded in her R’n’b roots but giving it different spins. The Gambian-German musician writes reassuring songs that celebrate individuality and personal strength and human emotions are what interest her the most. People trust her and in a world where many artists are trying so hard to be cool Jasmine Thomas is trying harder to be warm and open.

Broken glass“ weaves the story of a relationship that is falling apart. Pieces of glass are scattered on the floor, just like the broken parts of ourselves that we leave behind in a shattered relationship. The warm vocals unfold into a powerful, almost angry voice over the course of the song, evolving with the melancholy timbre of the keys. The beat is almost hypnotic, rising and falling with the emotions of the song and it takes you through the emotional toll of a relationship that is as good as over – the quiet contemplative moments inbetween fights, the back and forth of an argument, ending with an energetic step forward and the decision that it is all over.

Featured on episode 17 of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: Broken Glass

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