Party Fears is Northern Irish native, Maggie Devlin. Based in Berlin and playing alongside the likes of The Beths, Pillow Queens and Mom Jeans, Party Fears has been leaving her mark on the DIY scene with pithy, raw performances that are as joyful as they are caustic. Her sound is an art-pop meets garage vision; jittery guitar riffs that run the gamut between tender slow-burners to head-bangers with a political twist.

Party Fears aka Maggie Devlin returns with Time in Space; a follow up single to previous 2020 release All Is Good. The song is an exploration of other realties beyond our own shaken world and leans into a dreamy soundscape of shimmering guitars and softly distorted vocals, almost pulling you from this time into another.

In Maggie’s own words: “It’s a song about prioritising security over authenticity; not necessarily bad, but sometimes hard. This year has forced us to cling to whatever security we can find; sometimes against our deepest instincts. For this song, I did a bit of projecting, imagining selves beyond this self; maybe some of them more authentic than the me imagining them. It’s a weird year that calls for some light astral projection.”

Features in episode 4 of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: Time In Space

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