Terra Lightfoot is a Juno- and Polaris-nominated guitarist-singer-songwriter from Hamilton, Ontario. In 2020, she marked her first decade as a recording artist with new album Consider the Speed, recorded by Grammy-winning producer Jay Newland at Memphis’ legendary Royal Studios. In early 2022, Lightfoot launched her own label, Midnight Choir, with new single “Sleepyhead.” In August 2023, she released “Cross Border Lovers”, the first taste of her new studio album Healing Power (October 13, 2023 on Sonic Unyon Records). The album is her third outing with Gus van Go, who produced, engineered and mixed most of the session, following 2015’s Every Time My Mind Runs Wild and 2017’s New Mistakes, the latter of which was long-listed for the Polaris Music Prize and nominated for a JUNO Award for Best Adult Alternative Album.

Terra Lightfoot’s newest single may have been written in a cemetery, but its message is far from death. Written in London during AmericanaFest UK, “Someone Else’s Feelings” dives into how powerful other’s words can be in our own mind, sometimes trumping one’s own feelings or emotions.

“I remember standing in a room full of songwriters and someone was talking about doing an upcoming Bob Dylan tribute night, and they said “Isn’t it just so easy to sing someone else’s feelings?” I excused myself and went to an old cemetery across the road from the venue, and the song fell out amongst a few British teenagers who were up to no good nearby. (They left me alone, though.) “Someone Else’s Feelings”, to me, was written about how we sometimes let other people’s opinions and feelings dictate how we feel about a situation. Sometimes we make excuses for other people, or we don’t speak up when we know someone is saying something we don’t agree with. The phrase in the last verse “Hung that picture in the hall” is about how we sometimes carry other people’s opinions and words with us into our own worlds, and sometimes hold them in higher regard than our own emotions.”

Featured on episode 18 of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: Someone Else’s Feelings

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