Inspired by Imagination  “An irresistible masterpiece” Clash Magazine
It was one of the stranger stories in the music world – a young girl who’d grown up in a household where music was banned, her burgeoning interest confined to stolen moments at the practice room piano and a single dance music CD stashed in her desk at school.
Phildel Ng lived for the bulk of her childhood under the rule of an abusive, strict religious stepfather, from whom she only escaped in a separation that lost her the rest of her family too.
From the experience came her 2013 album, The Disappearance Of The Girl, a dark breathtakingly intimate suite of songs exploring the gothic fantasies that sustained her through an unhappy time.
Though written in a vacuum, Phildel’s intense piano and electronica music quickly spread to millions, sound-tracking ads for Apple, Verizon and Marks & Spencer.
She won first place in The International Songwriting Competition with Moonsea, picked up a Cannes Lion Trophy for Beside You and has +70 million streams for her track Qi.
Following a turbulent episode in her personal life, Phildel’s highly acclaimed latest release, Wave Your Flags is the story of fracture and self-repair. A strong, sparse album of powerful songs re-enacting cycles of loss and renewal. The fairy tales are over.
In a post #Metoo era, Wave Your Flags is a work about speaking up and finding your way in the world, regardless of whether or not you are believed. Lead single, The Deep, animated by Youri Dekker, won Best Music Video at the British Animation Film Festival 2019
Features in episode 2 of Discover Her Music Podcast
Song: Oh Love
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