“Roxy Rawson knows how to bewitch a crowd. The classically-trained musician has been bringing her unique blend of impish violin vocals to the London gig scene for a few years. Her music is beautifully peculiar; a sweet mix of classical notes and frenzied, catch-me-if-you-can lyrics interspersed with bursts of laughter. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and is original to the point of raising eyebrows; comparisons to the likes of Joanna Newsom and Regina Spektor are beginning to emerge.” – Independent on Sunday

“Smothered in heart-wrenching emotion and unusual arrangements” – The 405

“Her sheer knowledge of musical craft shines brightly and is breathtaking” – Pop Matters

“Roxy Rawson is to the violin what Anni Rossi is to the viola: a playful, hiccupping mistress of unpredictable, manic creativity and tongue-twisting, head-turning lyrics who can have any audience eating out of her graceful hand after only one song” – Wears the Trousers

“Like Tom’s Diner crossed with Nellie McKay. Gorgeous minimal percussion and her joy shine bright. You can’t help but revel in the creativity of Ms Rawson’s occasionally wild, sometimes tender composition” – Planet Sound

Featured on episode 2 of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: Freckled Agencies

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