Savanna Leigh is an Ameriacan Indie Pop singer songwriter based in Nashville, USA.

The 24-year-old’s songcraft & lyricism resonates among her peers & beyond, peeling back the complex, sometimes uncomfortable layers of outgrowing relationships & past versions of yourself.

Savanna grew up in Tampa, FL, originally inspired by country, she wrote her first song at age 12, exhibiting passion & talent that would eventually take her to Nashville on a music scholarship.

Her EP reminders of you is more authentic & organic, with a stripped-back sound set to release on Aug 20 2024. Recorded in Nashville & LA in collaboration with close friends, the project voices universal yet often subconscious sensations.

Savanna baring her storytelling soul & unafraid to have minimal instrumentation adorning her glacial, uniquely emotive vocals. This time her original country influences & Nashville surroundings make themselves felt, yet the power of Savanna’s innate pop sensibilities, way with words, & respect for hooks remains. The result is a best-of-both-worlds mélange of honest, profound expression & easy everyday accessibility.

“I want my listeners to feel safe when navigating their own journey of self-reflection, where they might discover something about themselves that they didn’t know before. It’s important for the songs to allow someone to feel all of the emotions without fear of judgment – from other people or from themselves.”

A lot of my music in the past has touched on relationships ending in heartbreak, but last spring when I wrote this song, I was in a different place where the idea of feeling optimistic towards relationships didn’t feel so far out of reach. This was my attempt to, well, write a “happier song.” Throughout the process a lot of my fears around intimacy and vulnerability in relationships still shined through, and I got to a point in my life where I became aware of my tendency to self sabotage my relationships when people get too close. Writing “happier songs” was me admitting in real time that it is easier to blame another person if things don’t work out, and being afraid that this time might actually be my doing instead..

Featured on episode 26 of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: Happier Songs

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