Glass Bridges are a unsigned four-piece, female-fronted, alternative rock band. Their music blends punchy riffs with atmospheric vocals, creating a sound that is unique in its emotionality. The band hail from the south of England and intend to share and spread a message of self-actualisation, championing the determination to embody our authentic selves. After hitting the ground running, Glass Bridges do not intend to slow down and have played more than 20 shows this year alone. Their deep passion for the music they play – coupled with a drive to share and connect – helps create a landscape of unbridled creativity. This fire has only just been lit.

Intention is the stunning new single from alternative rock band, Glass Bridges. The song mixes powerful drums and bass, chiming, infectious guitars, and vocals that are both impassioned and commanding to create a sound bursting with youthful energy and confidence. The lyrics show the journey towards overcoming limitations. The dance between frustration and determination, and the boundless endeavour to follow one’s truth, even in the face of adversity.

Featured on episode 18 of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: Intention

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