Abigail Barlow is a 24 year old Pop singer songwriter from Los Angeles, California.

Named to Forbes’ 2022 30 Under 30, Abigail’s commitment to a fairer, more equitable music industry also raises the bar for her artist peers in a concrete way. For Princess Pop, she strives to include at least one female writer or producer in her songwriting and recording sessions, and offers a writer’s fee in addition to master points to every writer on her releases. She takes pride in being an independent female artist, and strongly believes that creators should be compensated for their work.

24-year-old songstress Abigail Barlow not only recognizes what she wants, but where she’s going—and she’s headed there at lightspeed, bringing fans everywhere along the way. She took the first step on that path as a child. Growing up in Birmingham, AL, her doctor dad played piano and immediately served as an endless source of inspiration. Soon, she personally picked up piano and devoured records by everyone from Elton John and Amy Winehouse to Tori Kelly, Lorde, and Alessia Cara. Driven towards a career in music as early as middle school, her ambition drew the ire of jealous classmates and resulted in a rough period marked by incessant bullying. Abigail continually paved her own path though. She opted for homeschooling and achieved a diploma online to kick off her career even sooner. Instead of just lip-syncing, she uploaded actual covers to Musical.ly and built a following of 600K-plus on the platform. An early adopter of YouNow, she attracted over 60K fans and garnered a nomination for “YouNower of the Year” at the 2017 Shorty Awards. Relocating to Los Angeles, she put all of her energy into carving out a distinct, diverse, and dynamic sound introduced by the single “Emotional.” – Rick Florino, Written On Time.

Sleep Pretty is the second single from her debut solo album, _Princess Pop_slated for an early 2024 release. After a challenging year, “Sleep Pretty” reaffirms Abigail’s dedication to “sleeping pretty”—or having confidence in her persona, artistic expression, and future, while brushing off negativity from trolls. The track underscores her talent for crafting infectious hooks and adaptability across musical landscapes.

“Sleep Pretty is for the girlies! For the queens that are working hard for the life they deserve & doing it flawlessly. If they’re stressed, not feeling the best, or just in need of some extra bad b*tch motivation, I want every lady to hear it and be reminded of how hard they slay. Every day!” states Abigail about the track.

Featured on episode 18 of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: Sleep Pretty

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