Born in New York City, 15-year-old Keegan Connor is a powerful performer and musician. From playing her princess guitar in the backyard, she and her family quickly realized that music was her sport! She’s been in 20-plus Broadway-style musicals, while also taking ballet, tap, modern, jazz, and vocal lessons.It’s no wonder, Keegan Connor has owned her craft, creating her own lane in an overcrowded genre. Now in the Midwest, Keegan Connor believes in the art of creating music that lifts people up; every song is a true pop masterclass.

She wrote her first song at age 10, “Dark Eyes” which focuses on equality. At 14, she wrote and recorded 3 new songs alongside JBACH (American Idol, The Voice), and producer Josh “igloo” Monroy (Babyface). The first of these, “all my friends”, is about the excitement to hang with friends again and fun in the sun. Followed by “Dancin’ in the Rain”, a mantra to feel free to make your own way, release your troubles, and enjoy life. Her latest release “Dove” is about finding peace at the end of a relationship.

Keegan created Keegan Cares, Inc to increase awareness of the signs of scoliosis as it affects more than 9 million people, especially young girls. Her site provides a free flyer that points out the signs of scoliosis.

When Keegan was 13, she was diagnosed with severe scoliosis and soon underwent VBT (vertebral body tethering) spine surgery.

Featured in episode 9 of Discover Her Music Podcast

Song: All my friends

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